University of Bristol SoE Five Storey Stairwell Mural


The University of Bristol’s School of Education were looking for a Bristol based mural artist to transform their 5 storey stairwell into something rather more exciting!

Initially, I had to present my work to an audience of 80 plus members of staff in the University and as a result was selected to undertake the project. After several meetings, concept mock-ups and much discussion, I proposed the following theme. 

I wanted to encourage people to explore the stairwell and experience a ‘journey’ through my illustrations. The design travelled from the depths of a stormy sea with white horses leaping from the waves onto land where Bristol landscapes can be seen. Clouds continue upwards from the land into the sky and then into the universe giving each floor its own identity and colour scheme. Quotes chosen by university staff were incorporated throughout the design. The mural was to wrap around the walls and ceiling creating an immersive experience as you climb or descend.

After a few enjoyable weeks spent hand painting on each level using a specialist scaffold the mural was complete! This ordinary stairwell which used to be a thoroughfare from one floor to another has been transformed into an interactive, vibrant space. I am passionate about projects like this one! I love to transform environments from something seemingly mundane into something I hope will be enjoyable for the viewer.