Cable Chaos Mural – Private Commission


Wow! What an absolute pleasure to create this private piece of Street Art for a really cool couple…

‘You can do whatever you want Alex… it’s an honour that you are painting on our wall’ were the words of Andy who commissioned me to paint on a huge wall in his apartment. ‘Ok, I’ll paint a bunch of misfit characters, all using power tools and all joined together with tangled up cables’ was my response. ‘Fine’ he replied!


Featuring a beaver with a chainsaw, cats being tattooed, a mole with a pneumatic drill and a bulldog using a hair dryer among others this mural was hand painted on-site using acrylic paint over the course of 10 days with the help of a tower scaffold and plenty of biscuits. Needless to say we were all very happy with the end result. Hopefully an interesting conversation piece at their dinner parties!