Gym Wall Mural – Havannah House, Glasgow


One of many murals commissioned by Dutch architectural firm Vastint for Havannah House Luxury Student Accommodation situated in Glasgow.

The gym wall features disgruntled illustrated animal characters unhappily exercising and sweating during their respective workouts. Vastint were very open to ideas when it came to the concepts on this project. I decided pretty quickly that the mural was to be humorous and to hopefully take some of the seriousness out of hitting the gym!  Hopefully encouraging whoever is working out, at whatever level, to feel less self conscious and have lots of fun!

The architects used a strict colour palette throughout the building and this was incorporated into the 12 x 5 metre mural. 

This mural has been hand painted on-site leading up to the opening of the accommodation in September. I worked closely with the amazing team at Robertson Construction who helped on-site with scaffolds, platforms, access, battered mars bars & irn bru. Most of the team had never seen an illustrator on-site before!!