Koocha Mezze Vegan Bar Mural


The Meowment of truth…. the scaffold is down and mural fully revealed for the future koocha mezze bar (new premises to be open in April 2021).

Five weeks of the dampest, drizzly, and freezing cold weather any street artist could wish for PLUS two days of repainting an entire section after a major paint run we are pleased to see the final result. An average of 30 brownies and 50 cheese toasties were consumed in the making of this painting from some very lovely local cafes!!


It has been so lovely to work with Koocha Mezze and to be commissioned to create a super striking but elegant street art frontage for their restaurant. I felt it would work well to bring natives of the restaurant’s Persian roots into the design.¬† These would include large-scale illustrated Cheetah’s, Jasmine flowers (symbolising the protector of animals), and pomegranates which add a fantastic pop of colour!!

We have had the most wonderful enthusiasm from passers-by, especially on the very freezing days hanging out with the pigeons.