Montpelier Birdhouse Street Art Mural Revisited…


The Birdhouse Montpelier Street Art Mural…refreshed and rejuvenated.
I originally painted the mural in 2011 armed with a few posca pens and a rickety old borrowed scaffold, spending two weeks pretty much living up there in between painting sessions so I didn’t have to construct it the next day. I met lots of wonderful people and enjoyed sharing my process with people around me. The process of painting the mural became a shared experience within the community and there seemed to be a huge sense of positivity that art REALLY could bring people together.

The mural had begun to look tired in recent years and had lost its energy and vibrancy, so this seemed like the right time for a change. I hoped the new mural would bring lots of excitement and inspiration, especially during these challenging times in the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic.

We were apprehensive about painting over the existing mural. Many people had strong feelings and there was a strong sense of community ownership over the existing mural. There seemed to be a lot of pressure for the new piece of art to have the same positive impact and connection with people.

So… after 17 days, 6 litres of paint, a fair few bottles of Prosecco, and wonderful support from the community we finally completed the mural.

It’s been a challenging year but it feels like 2020 could be the year for positive change. We paint street art hoping it will bring some happiness to the area its in. “Art is my cure to all this madness, sadness and loss of belonging in the world and through it, I’ll walk myself home” Nikki Rowe.

It showed us that something as simple as painting a mural on the front of a house really could make a difference and bring so much joy to passers-by.