One of many murals commissioned by Dutch architectural firm Vastint for Havannah House Luxury Student Accommodation situated in Glasgow.

The University of Bristol’s School of Education were looking for a Bristol based mural artist to transform their 5 storey stairwell into something rather more exciting!

Mr B’s Bookshop, Emporium of Reading Delights in Bath, UK. Recent commission to design, build and illustrate an entirely new magical immersive children’s area.

I decided to keep the design simple and bold, using only black and white and keeping the emphasis on the facial expression of the of the rabbits. They are tumbling…

Ribena approached me to design a giant centrepiece illustration based upon the simple quirky joys of everyday life for a viral video campaign.


Private commission featuring a beaver with a chainsaw, cats being tattooed, a mole with a pneumatic drill and a bulldog using a hair dryer among others. This mural was hand painted on-site using acrylic paint over the course of 10 days with the help of a tower scaffold and plenty of biscuits!

Painted gates and a victorian door

Commissioned mural to cover front gates and matching Victorian front Door

Piece for Upfest, Europe’s largest free street art festival

Stokes Croft’s Coral Reef Street Art Mural commissioned by a property development company to bring life to the front of their office.

Lucas Antics very own shop and studio combined to create the SHOPDIO!

Willow pattern inspired street art mural commissioned for Bird & Blend Tea Co’s flagship store in Park Street, Bristol!

Bird and Blend Tea

This William Morris meets street art inspired design covers the home of a really lovely couple in Montpelier, Bristol!


A specially commissioned street art mural for the Cabot Institute this giant Plesiosaurus can be found swimming around on Park Row with a few of its friends.

Where the Wall Street art Mural

Two burmese cats painted Art Noveau style on a door in Bristol

This colourful mural stands at around 10 metres tall and was commissioned by the Bristol Arts Quarter Committee to highlight one of the pathways of Bristol’s oldest streets.

Bears in a bubble car and a selection of other characters in vintage car classics

Large street art mural commissioned by Easton Business Centre to make the centre more visible from the main road and also to deter “taggers ”.

A five metre square mural quoting Oscar Wilde with a dandy looking fox sitting on the moon.

An eight metre mural featuring bright coloured koi carp

Black and white butterflies painted on shop front shutters

A very unimpressed cat thinking about a mouse riding a fish finger painted at Upfest 2017

A stylised bright coloured peacock matches the colour way of the kitchen tiles

Painted pheasants adorn the walls of a spa in Bath

Painted pheasants, poppies and honeysuckle adorn the walls of a spa in Bath, with parts of the feathers embellished with silver leaf.

Hand painted mural of flying bunnies and pineapples for the Little Shop Front

Hand painted shop front in Cornwall

Hand painted animals perch upon the forest branches that sprawl around the kitchen cabinets.